Parallella Survey Shows that the Era of Parallel Processing Has Arrived

Our recent survey of our Kickstart backers and customers has shown that Adapteva, Epiphany, Parallella and the concept of parallel processing is going to be an important part of the computing roadmap. Adapteva is excited to be part of this new wave.
To start off with – we had a 49% response rate! Anyone who does digital marketing or surveys will tell you that is unbelievable! To us it entrenches what an amazing group of people are part of our community. The information was very useful and validates many of the samples of information we already had with concrete statistical information.

Some interesting outputs:

  • More than 1/3 rd of users have very specific research or commercial uses identified for the board


  • 90% of you are backing Adapteva specifically because of the Epiphany Parallel Processor


  • 76% of the users believe they will expand their use once they receive the board and evaluate it
  • Users are in 63 countries around the world
  • 102 universities and colleges are waiting for their Parallella boards
  • 26 of the buyers are named David!
  • Some amazing use cases have come out of the survey including these:
Audio synthesis Sonar algorithms
Quantitative financial operations Molecular dynamics simulations
High Performance Computing Crypto-analytic processing
Medical processing Image Recognition
Live Video Processing Beam-forming algorithms
Robotics Big data analysis
Neural networks/neural processors Real time computer vision processing
Signal processing algorithms Software defined radio
3D rendering Nonlinear filtering and estimation
Natural language processing Gas dynamics simulations
Algorithmic Trading and Data analysis Simulate weather patterns
Real time Matrix multiplication High speed machine vision
Avionics systems Compression algorithms
Genomic analysis Gesture processing
Waveform analysis or simulation


One of the focus seems to be in the area of embedded vision: Robotics, Live Video Processing, 3D rendering, Gesture processing, High speed machine vision, Image Recognition are all connected to the emerging embedded vision market.

Many other applications are company specific and therefore confidential, but these are some examples of great processor intensive, calculation rich applications that parallel computing and Epiphany is able to add value to.

Our users are as optimistic as us about the future of Parallella and Epiphany, and when asked, they predicted a whopping $59M of future needs for boards and chips happy_face

graph3Soon we hope to see real examples of success shared on the forum to develop the resources and expertise needed to expand Parallella use