Epiphany Introduction


The Epiphany

The future of computing is parallel and heterogeneous. In 2008 we set out to create a clean slate architecture based on these assumptions. The result was the Epiphany architecture: The only open computing platform in the market that scales to billions of processors.


  • Ease of Use: Sixty years of computing has demonstrated that the imagination and productivity of programmers is boundless. The Epiphany architecture is high level programmable and only imposes a minor change to the Von Neumann programming model that has been the industry standard for many  decades.
  • Low Power: Maximum performance is limited by power consumption so computing energy efficiency is paramount. Independent studies have demonstrated that Epiphany holds a 10-25x energy efficiency advantage over traditional CPU architectures.
  • Scalability: Future performance gains will come from increased parallelism and not from higher frequency processors.  The Epiphany architecture was designed from day one scale to thousands of cores on a single chip and billions of cores within a larger system.


Epiphany chips have shipped to over 10,000 developers through the open source Parallella program and has been thoroughly evaluated in over 100 technical publications.