Adapteva status update

Hi everyone,

This is a long overdue Adapteva status update. As many of you know, I left Adapteva in January to take a position as a program manager at DARPA. I had been working pretty much non-stop for Adapteva since 2008 and an adjustment of life priorities was overdue for me and my family.

Over nine years, the Epiphany architecture gained significant traction among researchers and enthusiasts but I was never able to secure enough large investors and customers to reach the critical mass needed to compete with the likes of Nvidia and Intel. I still believe Epiphany is a far better technology than the existing offerings for some important applications, but as we have seen time after time in computer history, technology is a small part of “winning” in the processor landscape…

I am proud of the products we built, the technology world firsts we achieved, and the awesome research community that came out of the open source Parallella project.

World’s First:
• 1024 core 64-bit microprocessor
• Billion transistor chip implemented by one engineer
• Billion transistor chip taped out in 24-hrs
• 50 GFLOPS/Watt floating point processor
• 100 GFLOPS/Watt floating point processor
• Kickstarter crowd-funded chip

• 1024-core 16nm processor chip
• 64-core 28nm processor chip
• 16-core 65nm processor chip
• 18-core Parallella $99 computer
• 66-core Parallella $750 computer
• 2,112 core A1 Super Cluster
• Facebook OpenCompute Hackathon winner
• Parallella used in over 100 research projects
• Globalfoundries IP 28nm partnership
• Licensed IP to Tier 1 base station vendor
• DARPA funded
• 10,000 customers in 75 countries
• $900K Kickstarter campaign
• $7.5M raised in capital

So where does this leave Adapteva, Epiphany, and Parallella?

  • Adapteva is profitable and will stay open indefinitely barring unforeseen circumstances
  • Infrastructure is in place to handle operations and support
  • Digikey has thousands of Parallella boards in stock ready to ship worldwide
  • 20,000 Epiphany-III devices available for purchase for qualified commercial entities
  • All of the software is free and open source on github
  • Parallella hardware sources are available as open source on github
  • The academic community is continuing the use of Parallella for research
  • Parallella community forum is alive and well
  • The next generation Epiphany-III based “Meta” platform has been manufactured and is on github
  • Epiphany-V is unlikely to become a available as a commercial product
  • All of the the Epiphany Technology IP is available for licensing for qualified commercial entities

I have tried my best to ensure that the Parallella and Epiphany technology lives on, but clearly at this point the platform will need someone else to step up to the plate in my absence to push the technology forward. If you still believe in Parallella and Epiphany and want to contribute or otherwise collaborate with Adapteva send an email to “”.


Andreas Olofsson