Parallella Get’s a New Identity

As we launch the Parallella board to the world over the coming months, we felt it was only fair to this amazing piece of hardware that it receives and identity comparable to that of other famous and well known products like the Linux penguin, the Nike Swoosh or the Open Source Hardware gear-logo. At Adapteva, parallel processing is the core of our existence and so it was natural to use the purest parallel processor in existence – the Brain – as the Parallella icon of choice

Behold the new Parallella Logo…..

Parallela Logo_F_CLONG-01

The Brain is the Ultimate Parallel Processor

It represents everything that Parallella and Adapteva are trying to achieve

  • It performs multiple tasks independently and simultaneously
  • The Brain is heterogeneous – operating in different languages, environments and topics, and easily adapting between them
  • And the brain is programmable – able to rapidly update with new information as it arrives and perform new tasks
  • The brain is independent – operating without others, but dependent, requiring the body to keep it alive
  • And the brain is connected – taking millions of inputs from subsystems and operating based on that input

We will soon post our new logo on everything we can get it onto – starting with the T-Shirt we will ship to Kickstarter backers, on the case for the board, and some coffee mugs (you get one if you ever visit our office)