Parallella Pre-order Shipping Update

Dear Parallella Customer,

We are happy to announce that after an endless string of challenges and unlucky events, the Parallella board is finally moving into production! We are now building 1,400 boards a week and have started shipping mass quantities to Kickstarter backers, many who have waited for almost 18 months.

Many of you have now waited for 9 months and we are incredibly grateful that you have stayed with us for this long!! When we sent the most recent update back in December, we were sure that all of our troubles were behind us, but unfortunately some processes that were out of our control ended up taking much longer than expected. Here are two Kickstarter updates that describe the events in detail:

We are now in the home stretch of the Kickstarter and pre-order production and have great confidence in our manufacturer’s ability to deliver. Here is the updated production schedule:

  • April 30th:       Shipping all Zynq-7020 based Parallella boards   
  • May 15th:        Shipping all Zynq-7010 based Parallella boards

The good news is that we never stopped working on improving the Parallella platform, and we now feel that “it’s ready”. For those of you interested in preparing for the arrival of your board, here is a list of updated documents to bookmark:

To track our daily progress and activity, please visit and follow us on twitter (@adapteva and @parallellaboard).
I want to again offer my deep and sincere apology for the way the way these events unfolded and I can assure you that once we are done with these shipments, we will NEVER again sell products in this fashion.

We REALLY look forward to the day when all of the pre-orders and Kickstarter delivery commitments are fulfilled so that we can move onto the next phase in our journey. I’s going to be great to see real projects finally coming together. We have had serious interested in software defined radio, robotics, AI, computer vision, and mobile medicine and we are sure that many of you have your own exciting projects planned that we never could have imagined.

Best wishes,

Andreas Olofsson

CEO / Founder