Update #52: The Final Push

Dear (and patient) friends and backers,

We can FINALLY tell you with 100% confidence that we are in the final stage of producing and shipping ALL of the Kickstarter (and pre-order) Parallella boards!!We have successfully built and shipped 1,500 Parallella boards so far and 15,000 new fabs came in on schedule at the beginning of March. Unfortunately at that point we were stuck for weeks waiting for the last key components to arrive. (there are ~90 different parts on the board). Due to our standing start in January (see Update#47), the logistics of bringing in all of the ICs for the Parallella board turned out be a nightmare. We worked diligently with our distributors to bring in the parts as quickly as possible, but the standard lead times for out of stock parts is 12 weeks. Unfortunately despite everyone’s best effort…the production line came to a halt due to two single source ICs. READ MORE