Parallella Shop Update

Dear Adapteva Customer,

My sincere apologies for not contacting you earlier regarding the status of your order. Due to circumstances that we could not have anticipated when we opened the store in July, our manufacturing pipeline came to a halt in October. We are still unable to discuss the details of the issue, but we will be making an announcement next week that should make everything clear. The really good news is that the Parallella project is 100% safely back on track!

We are now in the process of building up the first batch of the final version of the Parallella board, which will go out to Kickstarter backers. After we fulfill our commitments to our Kickstarter backers, we will be able to ship out pre-orders placed through our online shop.

Unfortunately, this means that pre-orders that we originally expected to deliver in October are now delayed until the end of January, and those marked with November delivery will be delayed until February. This is what our production ramp looks like for the next 8 weeks.

  • December 2nd:   200 Parallella final bare PCB boards back from factory
  • December 15th:  Send out ~200 boards to Kickstarter backers
  • January 1st:       All PCB bare boards back
  • January 31st:     All boards shipped to Kickstarter backers
  • January 31st:     Pre-orders start shipping
  • February 28th:   All pre-orders fulfilled

This is clearly not what you expected when you placed your pre-order and we understand that you must be very disappointed at this time. For those of you who still believe in us enough to keep the order in place, we do want to offer a small token of appreciation for enduring this delay. If you reply to this email stating your preference within the next week, we will add a Parallella T-shirt or case for the Parallella board free to your order (see below). Please also direct any questions you might have to
I am hopeful that once you do receive your boards you will be so impressed with the Parallella platform that you will eventually forgive us for these production delays.


Andreas Olofsson

CEO / Founder