Update # 42: Finally a breakthrough!

My sincere apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth for the better part of a month! Due to very unfortunate circumstances that materialized in October, Adapteva as a company and the whole Parallella project were suddenly in a very critical condition. For entirely non-technical reasons, the whole manufacturing pipeline was completely stuck and we were not able to ship the first 200 boards by November 15th as promised.

We still can’t disclose anything concrete but I can say that the Parallella project is 100% safely back on track!!!

Below you will find a detailed schedule of the delivery and post milestones going forward.

Delivery schedule:
December 2nd: 200 Parallella PCB boards back from factory
December 11th: Assembled boards back from contract manufacturer
December 15th: Send out ~200 boards to backers
January 1st: All PCB fabs back
January 31st: All boards shipped to backers

It has been fifteen months of virtually uninterrupted work since we started the Parallella project but we now have our second wind and are ready to sprint to the finish!