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Adapteva raises $3.6M for the ‘most energy efficient’ parallel computing chips 0

(VENTUREBEAT): Parallel processing chip design firm Adapteva has raised $3.6 million in a round of funding from Carmel Ventures and telecommunications firm Ericsson. The Lexington, Mass.-based company will use the money to complete prototypes for its chips that it touts as energy-efficient parallel computing chips. The deal is a big endorsement for Adapteva’s technology, which [...]

O’Reilly Programming – Supercomputing on the cheap with Parallella 0

Blowing open the doors to low-power, on-demand supercomputing by Federico Lucifredi | @federico_II “The key take-away is that this board promises to blow open the doors to low-power, on-demand supercomputing, putting on the table a real, low-cost alternative to current number crunching powerhouses costing thousands of dollars and requiring hundreds of watts to power”

Adapteva Introduces Parallella University Program 0

Bringing Parallel Computing to the Forefront in University Engineering Education Lexington, Mass., August 12, 2013– Advanced semiconductor and computer manufacturer Adapteva today introduced its Parallella University Program (PUP) for academic institutions that conduct leading parallel programing research and/or education. The program is designed so universities can access inexpensive and open parallel computing hardware. Institutions participating [...]

Adapteva ships Kickstarted baby supercomputer boards 0

(El Reg): Upstart RISC processor and coprocessor designer Adapteva is shipping the first of its Parallella system boards, which its Epiphany multicore processors with ARM processors to create a spunky and reasonably peppy hybrid compute engine that doesn’t cost much and is very energy efficient for certain kinds of processing. It is not cheap to [...]

A good “second board” for learning 0

(LINUX MAGAZINE): It is not often that I point to a specific product, slap my forehead and make a snap buying decision.  It is even less common for me to pay for something I know I will not get for a couple of months, but last night a friend of mine, Lucas Teske wrote to [...]

Adapteva Distributes Initial Production Versions of the Parallella Computing Platform 0

LEXINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adapteva today announced delivery of the first Parallella computers ordered through its highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The Parallella, equipped with Adapteva’s breakthrough 16- and 64-core Epiphany multicore processors, is a platform with unprecedented performance and flexibility which brings parallel computing to a new generation of programmers in a low-cost, credit card-sized package. Initial [...]

Build your own supercomputer: First $99 Parallella boards ship 0

(ZDNET): Linux is the top supercomputer operating system. But while you can build your own Linux supercomputer using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, even with just Raspberry Pi boards,  these don’t natively support massively parallel computing — the cornerstone of modern supercomputing. That’s where Adapteva, with its $99 Parallella parallel processing single-board supercomputer, comes in. FULL ARTICLE

Parallella ‘supercomputers’ headed to early backers, 16-core boards up for general pre-order 0

(ENGADGET): Following its successful Kickstarter campaign, Adapteva flashed the production versions of its Parallella “supercomputer” boards in April, penning in a loose summer delivery date. Today, the company reports that the first “beta” units have begun winding their way to backers who pledged at the DEVELOPER, 64-CORE-PLUS and ROLF levels. Other backers should receive their [...]