GCC Explorer: An interactive compiler that runs in your browser

Screenshot from 2015-08-07 15:22:20

Anyone with interest in assembly level programming should definitely check out the awesome real time open source assembly inspection tool developed by Matt Godbolt called gcc explorer. The tool runs in your browser and lets you inspect assembly code output as you write! Compared to hacking around with the command line terminal and objdump this is an amazing productivity boost!

The ability to get some kind of instant (1 second!) feedback on the quality of your code is invaluable, especially when you are working on small platforms that need finely crafted code.

Ola has now  set up a gcc explorer with the Epiphany, ARM, and x86 compiler baked in for all to access.


You can copy paste in your own snippets of code or load one of the functions from main branch of the PAL library directly through the tool.

Check it out and let us know what you think. If you using the Epiphany compiler  I recommend using the following switches as a minimum set to get reasonable results. (-O2 -mfp-mode=round-nearest)