Startup Launches Manycore Floating Point Acceleration Technology

(HPCWIRE): Semiconductor startup Adapteva has demonstrated a manycore floating point processor architecture that promises ten times the performance per watt as the best chip technology on the market today. The architecture, called Epiphany, is aimed initially at embedded applications, but has general applicability across all math-intensive workloads in mobile computing, telecommunications and high performance computing. Epiphany is the brainchild of Adapteva CEO and founder Andreas Olofsson, who spent nearly 15 years as chip designer, first for Texas Instruments and later at Analog Devices. Olofsson has managed to bootstrap his company with less than $2 million, initially paying out of his own pocket to get the company up and running. An angel investor subsequently kicked in $275 thousand followed by a $1.5 million investment from BittWare, a maker of DSP and FPGA boards. Full Article