Adapteva, an epiphany in more ways than one

(Chip Crunch): When discussing companies developing many-core processors, as opposed to multi-core processors, several companies come to mind. On the network side of the spectrum where packet processing is one of the major tasks two companies, Cavium and NetLogic, are frequently encountered. The former has the Octeon II product family which features up to 32 MIPS cores, while the latter offers the XLP II products family with up to 80 nxCPUs. When it comes to general applications, a more recent newcomer by the name of Tilera comes to mind. Tilera’s top of the line product family, the Tile-Gx, features devices with up to a 100 identical cores in a mesh network configuration. An even more recent newcomer to the latter segment is Adapteva, and while other copmanies are content with just a few hundred cores, this company intends to scale their design initially to only a modest 4096 cores. Full Article