Company Goals and Values

Company Goals

  • Build the most most efficient computer in the world.
  • Enable new applications that have a positive impact on society.

Company Values

  • Attitude: Nothing is impossible.
  • Joy: If you don’t enjoy work, find something else to do.
  • Openness: Be open with everyone including co-workers, customers, partners, and yourself.
  • Adaptability: The first solution is rarely the optimal one.
  • Leverage:  Build platforms that enable others to innovate.
  • Simplicity: Keep working until the solution is as simple as possible.
  • Quality: If you are going to to something, do it right.
  • Drive: The product is never done.
  • Efficiency: Energy and time are our most precious resources, do not waste them.
  • Accountability: Each one of us is accountable. No excuses allowed.
  • Fairness: Only engage in win-win relationships and don’t take unfair advantage.


Adapteva follows the ten principles specified in the UN Global Compact initiative.