Epiphany SDK (ESDK)


The Epiphany Software Development Kit (ESDK) is a state-of-the art software development environment targeting the Epiphany multicore architecture. The ESDK is based on standard development tools including:

  • Optimized ANSI-C compiler (GCC4.7)
  • Robust multicore Eclipse IDE
  • Multicore debugger (GDB7.3)
  • Multicore communication and hardware utility libraries
  • Fast functional simulator with instruction trace capability



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Easy Legacy Code Migration
The Epiphany SDK minimizes switch-over-costs with complete support of ANSI-C and complete support for GNU/Eclipse based programming flows. In many cases, the initial port of large legacy code can be done in minutes by simply changing a few lines in the project make file. Migrating from single-threaded code to parallel programs can be done in a native Linux environment before compiling and testing on the Epiphany platform, simplifying performance tuning.

Rapid Prototyping
True ANSI-C support, IEEE floating point compatibility and fast compilation times, makes the Epiphany SDK the ideal platform for exploratory work in embedded signal processing. System developers can go from algorithm change to verified performance in a fraction of the time of FPGA based solution, resulting in faster and less costly product development.

Reach Your Peak
One of the challenges of high performance programming has always been to get close to the advertised peak performance of the system hardware. The Epiphany multicore architecture and SDK imposes as few restrictions as possible on the user and provides fine grain control of the amount of hardware detail exposed to the programmer. Lightweight communication libraries enable efficient multicore communication while abstracting away the underlying hardware details. As a result, expert developers can reach 80-90% of the peak Epiphany performance in complete real-time applications.