Adapteva announces 1,000 Teraflops accelerator chip for deep learning

We are pleased to announce our latest project at Adapteva simply called “The Brain”. This new disruptive technology will be designed in 3nm and has the following projected performance metrics:

  • 500,000 single precision floating point cores
  • A fixed programmable architecture for matrix-matrix multiplication
  • Zero KB of data and program memory
  • Total performance of 1,000 Teraflops
  • Total power consumption of 1,000W
  • Patent pending supersonic water cooling technology

Analyst Charles Smith at the Silicon Analysts has stated: “This is a smart move by Adapteva. Instead of wasting silicon space on memory and programmability, they are focusing on what matters, raw floating point performance. It’s a well known fact that all interesting problems can be reduced to dense matrix-matrix multiplication.”

This announcement marks a new chapter for Adapteva. We look forward to hearing more about your plans for our disruptive new chip.


Andreas Olofsson

Chief Entertainment Officer, Adapteva, Inc.

[ April fools… couldn’t resist. Hopefully you read all the way to the end. And yeah, I am still working on a new chip, in case you were wondering]


Andreas Olofsson is the founder of Adapteva and the creator of the Epiphany architecture and Parallella open source computing project. Follow Andreas on Twitter.

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  1. “We are not amused”… SSSSSSSSSSSSSSugar….. as a DISAPPOINTED non-buyer of the 64-CORE, which i waited about 3 years for the privelige NOT TO BUY, what can i say… Ciao … Dhan Hurley, Tübingen University, S. Germany.

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