Can lean innovation bring growth and profits back to semiconductors? 0

(ELECTROIQ): The semiconductor industry returned growth and reached record revenues in 2013, breaking $300 billion for the first time after the industry had contracted in 2011 and 2012 (FIGURE 1). However, even with that return to growth, underlying trends in the semiconductor industry are disturbing: The semiconductor cycle continues its gyrations, but overall growth is [...]

Best crowdfunded project ever: Potato salad. Goal: $10. Pledged (so far): over $57,000! 0

(NETWORK WORLD): If you were going to go for crowdfunding what sort of project do you think you might put forward? Something techie, like Adapteva’s supercomputer on a chip (successfully funded with $898,921 pledged on a $750,000 goal)? Or maybe something in the bio world, such as a delightful project to explore the mushrooms of Madagascar [...]

Adapteva Parallella Has Arrived 0

(MICROENGINES): After waiting almost a year, I finally have my pre-order Parallella 16 with GPIO and Zynq 7010. Taken its time, lets see if it is worth it. This board is a ARM A9 Dual 1Ghz, 1Gb RAM single board computer about the same size as the Raspberry Pi with Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, Micro [...]

My Parallella is here 0

( I was a backer of the AdaptevaParallella Kickstarter campaign way back in 2012. Parallella is a development board for Adapteva’s Epiphany processor line, which is a massively parallel (though initial silicon is limited to 16 or 64 cores, the design is intended to scale to 4096 cores) coprocessor with an impressive FLOPS/IOPS-to-the-watt figure. The [...]

Startup Leverages ARM, Adapteva for Server Entry 0

(GLOBALSPEC): Rex Computing Inc. has produced a prototype server blade based on ARM-based processors and many-core Epiphany processors from Adapteva Inc. (Lexington. Mass.). The prototype was on display at the Facebook-organized Open Compute Project Summit held recently in San Jose, Calif. The system provides 16 compute nodes based on the Parallella credit card sized board [...]

Adapteva raises $3.6M for the ‘most energy efficient’ parallel computing chips 0

(VENTUREBEAT): Parallel processing chip design firm Adapteva has raised $3.6 million in a round of funding from Carmel Ventures and telecommunications firm Ericsson. The Lexington, Mass.-based company will use the money to complete prototypes for its chips that it touts as energy-efficient parallel computing chips. The deal is a big endorsement for Adapteva’s technology, which [...]

Carmel Ventures and Ericsson Invest in Adapteva 3

$3.6M Series-B Round Enhances Delivery of Adapteva’s Parallel Computing Vision LEXINGTON, MASS.,   January 16, 2014 – Adapteva Inc., innovators in the field of parallel processing and sponsors of the Parallella project, announced today they have closed a $3.6M Series-B funding round from Carmel Ventures, a premier venture capital firm, and Ericsson, a world-leading communications technology [...]

O’Reilly Programming – Supercomputing on the cheap with Parallella 0

Blowing open the doors to low-power, on-demand supercomputing by Federico Lucifredi | @federico_II “The key take-away is that this board promises to blow open the doors to low-power, on-demand supercomputing, putting on the table a real, low-cost alternative to current number crunching powerhouses costing thousands of dollars and requiring hundreds of watts to power”