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Adapteva Parallella Has Arrived

(MICROENGINES): After waiting almost a year, I finally have my pre-order Parallella 16 with GPIO and Zynq 7010. Taken its time, lets see if it is worth it. This board is a ARM A9 Dual 1Ghz, 1Gb RAM single board computer about the same size as the Raspberry Pi with […]

My Parallella is here

( I was a backer of the AdaptevaParallella Kickstarter campaign way back in 2012. Parallella is a development board for Adapteva’s Epiphany processor line, which is a massively parallel (though initial silicon is limited to 16 or 64 cores, the design is intended to scale to 4096 cores) coprocessor with […]

Startup Leverages ARM, Adapteva for Server Entry

(GLOBALSPEC): Rex Computing Inc. has produced a prototype server blade based on ARM-based processors and many-core Epiphany processors from Adapteva Inc. (Lexington. Mass.). The prototype was on display at the Facebook-organized Open Compute Project Summit held recently in San Jose, Calif. The system provides 16 compute nodes based on the […]

Carmel Ventures and Ericsson Invest in Adapteva 3

$3.6M Series-B Round Enhances Delivery of Adapteva’s Parallel Computing Vision LEXINGTON, MASS.,   January 16, 2014 – Adapteva Inc., innovators in the field of parallel processing and sponsors of the Parallella project, announced today they have closed a $3.6M Series-B funding round from Carmel Ventures, a premier venture capital firm, and […]