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Analyzing the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture

I was very excited to read the recent EE Times article “RISC-V: An Open Standard for SoC” by Krste Asanović and David A. Patterson announcing their open source processor architecture. As we near the end of CMOS scaling, the bulk of future performance and efficiency improvements will need to come from architecture improvements. The availability [...]

A live report from the Adapteva A-1 “smallest supercomputer in the world” launch at ISC’14

(PRIMEUR MAGAZING): 23 Jun 2014 Leipzig – The Adapteva A-1 “smallest supercomputer in the world” was launched at ISC’14. Primeur followed the unveiling of the machine ‘live’ and also had an interview with Adapteva founder Andreas Olofsson. READ MORE

Can lean innovation bring growth and profits back to semiconductors?

(ELECTROIQ): The semiconductor industry returned growth and reached record revenues in 2013, breaking $300 billion for the first time after the industry had contracted in 2011 and 2012 (FIGURE 1). However, even with that return to growth, underlying trends in the semiconductor industry are disturbing: The semiconductor cycle continues its gyrations, but overall growth is [...]

New Parallella Product Offerings

When we launched the “$99 Parallella project” on Kickstarter in 2012, the goal was to “democratize access to supercomputing”. With a $99 price point, we knew that we would not make a profit, but we figured the value of reaching the whole world with our technology was enough of a reward for Adapteva as a [...]

Building a Parallella Mini Cluster

(dibase): In early May 2014 I finally received from Adapteva [1] my Parallella Kickstarter project [2] mini-cluster reward of 4 Parallella boards plus network switch, power adapters, cables etc. The reward was originally supposed to be delivered in May 2013 but suffered many delays and setbacks, as documented on the Parallella website [3] and forums [...]