OpenCL: Leveling the playing field for processors

With the emergence of OpenCL as the de facto standard for heterogeneous computing, the cost of adopting a new processor architecture has dropped dramatically.



There are now OpenCL SDKs for CPUs, GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs and with a growing developer community and higher abstraction layer frameworks popping up around OpenCL, we are not far  away from truly hardware agnostic software development. With OpenCl programmers are finally in a position to be able to use the “right tool for the job” without having to spend months reading datasheets and manuals from different processor vendors.

Yosef Kreinin (no affiliation with Adapteva) has written a brilliant post about OpenCL and how it has the potential of speeding up adoption of a new generation of accelerators. It’s definitely worth a read. FULL ARTICLE