Adapteva announces Raspberry Pi competitor

(LINUX USER): Semiconductor start-up Adapteva has announced plans to create an open-source experimentation board with a massive amount of parallel processing power, and it’s found a novel way to raise the funds it needs: Kickstarter.Founded in 2008 by Andreas Olofsson, the company’s chief executive officer, Adapteva was the first semiconductor company to really push for a many-core design. While the company’s original promise of 1,000 general-purpose processors on a single chip has yet to be realised, the company has released 16-core and 64-core designs on 65nm and 28nm processes and makes some bold claims: according to Adapteva, its latest Epiphany-IV processor design packs 50GHz of CPU-equivalent general-purpose processing power in a 10mm¬≤ package that draws just 2W. FULL ARTICLE