Join Us!

Here at Adapteva we are on a mission to change the way computers are built. We believe work should be more than a “job”. If you are passionate about engineering and consider yourself an expert in your field, then we would love to hear from you!!

Here are some qualities we are looking for:

  • Prolific producer with the ability to GSD
  • World class expertize in your specialty with the capacity to work outside comfort zone
  • Passion for chosen profession and the desire to make a difference
  • Positive attitude


Currently we need help urgently in the following areas:

  • Chip Design/FPGA Development: Architect/designer to drive Epiphany chip development and Parallella FPGA design.
  • Chip Implementation: Chip implementation expert to own the complete back end chip implementation flow from RTL to tapeout. Candidate should have the ability to tape out chips independently without assistance.
  • System Validation: Software developer to build and maintain verification and validation infrastructure for the Epiphany chips, FPGA designs, and Epiphany SDK.
  • Manufacturing & Test: Manufacturing expert with the knowledge needed to bring chips and board level products into production.
  • Parallel Programming: Software developer with extensive C-programming experience who will be responsible for the Epiphany programming infrastructure and demo applications that scale to 1000’s of CPU cores on a single chip.
  • Hacker: World class hardware hacker with knowledge of Linux kernel, soldering, lab equipment, board bring-up, black box debugging, system integration.

If you are interested in joining the Adapteva core engineering team and have the skills needed, contact us at: