General Applications

Adapteva’s Epiphany product brings an order of magnitude boost to processor energy efficiency and will not only significantly reduce the size, weight, and power of existing high end products but will also be an enabler for countless applications that haven’t been thought of yet because the hardware platform didn’t exist.  The following list is a sample of the numerous end markets that have a critical need for the performance advantage offered by the Epiphany multi-core architecture.

Application Areas:



Super Computers

Airborne Radar


Medical Ultrasound

Software defined base stations

Software defined military radio modules

Video Surveillance

Soft Video Encoding

Speech Recognition

Machine Vision

Autonomous Robots


Based on countless conversations with customers and software developers over the years, Adapteva has created a list of questions to determine if the Epiphany technology could have a significant positive impact in your system.


Portable Applications:

Are your customers complaining that their mobile devices runs out of battery too fast?

Do you lack the money, team, and time needed to convert your floating point C-based application to fixed point FPGA/ASIC hardware?

Are you having a hard time lifting your processing solution off the ground?

Do you have a killer app in mind that won’t become practical until 2015 based on existing processor technology road maps?


High Performance Computing:

Do you lack the electrical and cooling infrastructure needed to operate a state of the art high performance system?

Are you only getting 10-15% of the advertised maximum performance of your current vendor’s multi-core solution?

Are you frustrated with the steep learning curve of programming existing accelerator technologies?

Would you benefit from reducing your processing latencies to microseconds?


If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then Adapteva’s technology might be the answer you are looking for.