Startup Silexica releases parallel programming IDE for Parallella


I am very excited to tell you that the startup company Silexica has added support for the Epiphany architecture and the Parallella board in their ground breaking programming tools! Silexica is a University of Aachen spin-off with impressive traction in the telecommunications sector.

While the existing Epiphany open source solutions parallel programming frameworks work great for some developers, there is an urgent need for a polished IDE that lets professional programmers focus on algorithms rather than synchronizations challenges and resource book keeping. Researchers from Ericsson wrote the following in an impressive Epiphany programming case study:

“Needed for the Epiphany architecture is an execution platform, reducing the need for manual labor, and
 automatically creating the code for task execution and data transport and synchronization.”

As far  as I know, Silexica is the only company to offer multi-platform programming tools that scale to 1000’s of cores!

For more information about Silexica and their latest tools, check out the official release announcement.