Ericsson 64-core Epiphany evaluation results

Researchers from Ericsson have taken the 64-core Epiphany-IV chip for a test drive and published their results at the IEEE Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing 2016 conference. The pre-publication version of the paper can be found on (pdf). The paper analyzes the tradeoffs between latency and throughput, demonstrating some pretty impressive results. The following quote from their paper is music to my ears! Clearly they have shown that the Epiphany is effective for developers with sufficient time and expertise!
“Our evaluations indicate that the Epiphany architecture, with its communication meshes and shared memory space, is suitable for deployments of such data streaming signal processing system with only a modest overhead”
The authors end the paper with a “call to arms” for the programming community. The embedded industry is not ready for 1000 way parallelism! Can you help them get there?

Andreas Olofsson is the founder of Adapteva and the creator of the Epiphany architecture and Parallella open source computing project. Follow Andreas on Twitter.