$99 Parallella Fire Sale



Those of you that know me well understand that optimism is probably simultaneously my biggest strength and biggest weakness.:-)

Without eternal optimism there is no way I would have kept going with Adapteva for 7 years. Unfortunately, optimism has also caused me all kinds of pain: over-committing on schedules, aggressive pricing, and over estimated market demand.

By most standards the Parallella has been a huge success. The Parallella has now shipped to 10,000 individuals and is still selling at a steady clip at Digikey, RS Components, and Amazon.

Unfortunately, the Parallella is not selling at the “Raspberry-Pi ‘ ish” rate that my optimism had fooled me into projecting. As a result, we are now sitting on a pretty big stash of paid-for Parallella inventory that we HAVE to get rid of!!

For those of you who have been waiting for a price drop, this is your chance. We are dropping the “desktop” price from $149 to $99 on Amazon until we get rid of the excess build up.


Andreas Olofsson

(ps. Just so there is no misunderstanding…this is not a going out of business sale:-) The future for Parallella, Epiphany, and Adapteva is looking better than ever!!)