104 parallel computing projects for next summer


Here’s a list of projects that we think could benefit greatly from the energy efficient computing offered by the Epiphany accelerator. If you are interested in porting software for any of these applications to the Epiphany architecture, we would love to hear from you.


media box
console emulator
vlc media player
bullet physics
soft video codec
2D to 3D conversion
soft video transcoder
video editing
real time video enhancements
movie rendering

Computer Vision:

face detection
face recognition
finger print matching
object tracking
pattern matching
optical flow
content based image retrival
signature verification
optical character recognition
automated optical inspection
number plate recognition
stereo vision
gesture recognition
people counter
remote sensing
velocity moments
visual world
image stabilization
iris matching
object classification
video analytics
manufacturing inspection
augmented overlay


voice over ip appliance
video conferencing
network monitor
deep packet inspection
software defined networking


automonous driving
speed detection
distance estimator
pedestrian detection
traffic sign detection
car trains
lane change collision avoidance
fog penetration
glare reduction
holographic heads up display
intersection traffic monitor

High Performance Computing:

real time internet stream analytics
real time market analytics
portable supercomputing
wearable computer
soft encryption engine
code breaker
data logger
solar powered super computer
mult-pysics simulation
octave accelerator
high frequency trading
in the field seismology processing

Image Processing:

baggage scanners


portable ultrasound
portable lab
portable multi sensor diagnostics
x-prize platform
EKG platform
portable genomics
dna sequencing
X-ray imaging


photo editing
photo enhancement
portable darktable


robotics brain
space electronics
robotics sensor unit
multi sensor inertial navigation


real time speech recognition
realistic speech synthesis
real time translation
speaker  verification

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

synthetic aperture radar
hyperspectral imaging
IR imaging
smart stream compression
large focal array sensor imaging
fractal compression
optical flow
autonomous flight
landmine detection

Wireless Communication:

GNU radio
cognitive radio
soft wifi
small cell base stations
legacy protocol emulation
signal enhancement
radio astronomy
ham radio
secure communication
antenna predistorion
satellite communication terminal
soft GPS receiver