Update #49: The Build Starts This Week…

Since closing our funding round at the end of December we have been fighting major lead time battles. As many of you know distributors these days try to minimize the amount of inventory they carry and the standard lead time for many ICs can be as long as 10-14 weeks. Procuring a small number of parts at high prices is not that difficult, but getting thousands of single source ICs at reasonable prices is a different story. The end of December is a bad time to ramp up procurement from a standing start, but I am happy to report that we we are now through this hurdle and we will be starting major Parallella board builds this week!! READ MORE

Check out the following video to see what the Parallella was up to last week at the Open Compute Project Summit. (11.08 in)

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  1. When the epiphany IV (64 core) comes out on the parallella board will it be aw to be clustered as the epiphany III boards are?

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