Update #41: Shipment Delays

kickstarterNot sure where to start… The last couple of months have been a disaster and I am disappointed to report that we are still weeks away from being able to ship the final Parallella products. What went wrong? Well, pretty much everything…

  • Finances: The Parallella project has stretched our team and finances to the limit over the past year and many of the most difficult challenges we have faced have been due to a lack of resources. Fortunately I can now state with more confidence than ever that both Adapteva and the Parallella project are going to be ok!!!
  • Team: A key member of our three person engineering team left the company in August, causing parts of the Parallella project to grind to a halt. Unfortunately, because of our tight funding situation over the last year we have never had the luxury of building up knowledge redundancy anywhere in the project. The critical employee knowledge transfer is now complete and thanks to the addition of Antmicro to the project, Parallella is back on track and stronger than ever!
  • Logistics: Despite our strong objections, a key single source part on the Parallella board was abruptly end-of-life’ed by the vendor in August. We don’t want to name the vendor here, but the BOM and schematics are open source so I am sure you can figure it out. (a lack of availability of that part was the reason the Gen0 board only shipped in July) We should have enough parts available to ship all Kickstarter rewards and pre-order purchases, but we will need to stop taking more pre-orders until we can redesign the board to accommodate a replacement part.


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  1. Hey Andreas,

    I almost pre-ordered, but wavered on it and missed the cut-off :( But in the mean time, I noticed that the 1V power regulator for the Zynq is rated even lower than the Zedboard, and people have already encountered problems with that (see “1V Power supply under-powered” on their forums). We were planning on actually using the Zynq for some real processing (see my Website link), so if you’re tweaking the board design, it would be really helpful if you could sneak in a regulator boost too.

  2. HI Anders,
    I was very excited to get this board before the summer, but as we are now getting closer to x-mass holidays, I wonder if it is going to be available before then.

    I would be more than happy to help with the FPGA design if you need any help, I am a freelance designer and at the moment I am between contracts, so I have some extra time available.
    Please feel free to contact me and looking forward to get my board and connect it to my SDR system,

  3. So, what’s the word on the first 200? Should’ve shipped out last week. You’re taking pre-orders again, but with no dates. I got in on the “October Delivery” date window pre-orders in August.

    So…where’s the beef?

    • Just what I’m wondering too. I want an update. Now. This is an important project component for a prototype system I’m working on. I want the item or I want my value back so I can continue development. (Read this as terse and annoyed, but not condescending.)

  4. Ditto – I’m one of the kickstarter backers. Looks like you have about 3000 of us to ship to before you can even start on other orders. Timeframe?

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