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Epiphany Architecture Reference Manual (PDF)

Epiphany SDK Reference Manual (PDF)

Epiphany-III (E16G301) Datasheet (PDF)

Epiphany-IV (E64G401) Datasheet (PDF)

Parallella Reference Manual (PDF)

White Papers


Energy-efficient bcrypt cracking (Openwall)

Identifying Compiler Options to Minimize Energy Consumption for Embedded Platforms (Computer Journal)

Computer Performance Scaling (Adapteva)

Measuring Power Consumption on the Parallella Prototype Board (Adapteva)

Building the World’s First Parallella Beowulf Cluster (Adapteva)

OpenCL: Leveling the Paying Field for Processor Startups (Adapteva)

SDR and Cognitive Radio on Parallella (Adapteva)

More evidence that the Epiphany multicore processor is a proper CPU (Adapteva)

Face Detection using the Epiphany Multicore Processor (Adapteva)

Using a Scalable Parallel 2D FFT for Image Enhancement (Adapteva)

Scalable Parallel Multiplication of Big Matrices (Adapteva)

How much should an Exaflop cost? (Adapteva)

104 parallel computing projects for next summer (Adapteva)

Ten Challenges that Will Shape the Future of Computing (Adapteva)

Ten Processor Myths Debunked by the Epiphany-IV 64-Core Microprocessor (Adapteva)

An Incomplete List of Parallel Processors Efforts (Adapteva)

Putting a private cloud inside the smartphone using the Epiphany multicore IP (Adapteva)

Movement sensor using image correlation on a multicore platform (Halmstad Hogskola)

Implementation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory on a Many-core Architecture (Halmstad Hogskola)

Approaching Peak Theoretical Performance with Standard C (Adapteva)

A Lean Fabless Semiconductor Startup Model (Adapteva)

A 1024-core 70 GFLOPS/W Floating Point Manycore Microprocessor (Adapteva)


An Alternative to GPU Acceleration For Mobile Platforms (Updated) (GF@DAC-2013)

Keynote: Presenting the Parallella (MIT ARMFEST-2013)

Parallella: A $99 Open Hardware Parallel Computing Platform (IPDPS-2013)

Keynote: Kickstarting the Transition to Parallel Computing With Open Hardware (LINUX COLLABORATION SUMMIT 2013)

An Alternative to GPU Acceleration in Mobile Platforms (LINLEY  MOBILE-2013)

The good, the bad, the ugly of semiconductor crowd funding (IEEE PACE)

Parallella: A Love Story (MIT SOC Competition)

A Closer Look at the Epiphany‐IV 28nm 64‐core Coprocessor (HIPEAC-2013)

Keynote: There’s STILL plenty of room at the bottom! (updated) (UKMAC-2012)

The Future of HPC: Task‐Parallel, Heterogeneous, Efficient, Open (EEHPC BOF SC-2012)

Keynote: There’s STILL plenty of room at the bottom! (ESC Keynote-2012)

A Sub 2 Watt 64-core 100 GFLOPS Accelerator Programmable in C/C++ or OpenCL (HPEC-2012)

An Introduction to the Epiphany Manycore Architecture (Halmstad-2012)

A 1024-core 70GFLOPS/W Floating Point Manycore Microprocessor (SC-2011)

A 1024-core 70GFLOP/W Floating Point Manycore Microprocessor (HPEC-2011)

A Scalable Processor Architecture for the Next Generation of Low Power Supercomputer (PRACE-2010)

Hybrid System Design: The Only Practical Way(MIT CSAIL-2010)

A 25 GFLOP/Watt Software Programmable Floating Point Accelerator (HPEC-2010)

A 65 nm Design Tape-Out in 6 Weeks (MUSIC-CA-2010)

Improving Engineering Efficiency Through Tiled Hierarchical Flows (MUSIC-NE-2009)

A Manycore Coprocessor Architecture for Heterogeneous Computing (LACSS-2009)

Peaceful Coexistence Between Architectures (HPEC-2009)

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