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Parallella Pre-order Shipping Update

Dear Parallella Customer, We are happy to announce that after an endless string of challenges and unlucky events, the Parallella board is finally moving into production! We are now building 1,400 boards a week and have started shipping mass quantities to Kickstarter backers, many who have waited for almost 18 months. Many of you have [...]

Update #52: The Final Push

Dear (and patient) friends and backers, We can FINALLY tell you with 100% confidence that we are in the final stage of producing and shipping ALL of the Kickstarter (and pre-order) Parallella boards!!We have successfully built and shipped 1,500 Parallella boards so far and 15,000 new fabs came in on schedule at the beginning of [...]

Adapteva and I/O Switch team up to win Facebook sponsored Open Compute Hackathon

(by Ron Herardian): Whenever new pieces of technology are introduced, the first question most engineers ask is how they can be used to make things run better and more efficiently. At the Open Compute Summit’s hardware hackathon, we got the chance to answer that question and were thrilled by what we found. The team I [...]

Update #51: Parallella Production Update

All 1,500 Parallella boards from this batch are through assembly at our contract manufacturer. 800 orders have passed tests and are now in the “shipping” pipeline stage with the remaining units still undergoing testing. Not surprisingly, testing has been the major bottle neck so far. Needless to say, we are now working on speeding up [...]

Update #50: Parallella Build Progress

Great news! The Parallella boards are starting to roll off the production line. So far we have 300 boards built up with more boards being built every day. The yield looks very good so far. We do have some work left in speeding up the production line through “task optimization, pipelining and multi-threading”. Sounds familiar.:-) [...]